With 2023 now confirmed as the second hottest year on record, now is the time to use the power of the law to push for stronger climate action.

In the last 12 months we have:  

  • Taken the UK government back to court over its inadequate net-zero plan

  • Stopped the development of Europe's largest petrochemical plant

  • Put food and drink giant Danone on notice over their plastic pollution  

Together, we can create seismic change by taking on governments, holding businesses to account, and changing financial markets. One well-placed, hard-won legal victory can change the system. Enough of them can change the future.

Join our legal fight for a world where people and planet thrive together. Donate now.


NB - We will allocate your donation to the area of greatest need, ensuring it has the most significant impact possible. 


At ClientEarth, we use the law to protect the earth and its inhabitants.

Your support could help us:

✓  Hold governments to account over climate inaction    Take big polluters to court   Stand up for people affected by climate change

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